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Aztalan Cycle Club opens with summer-like conditions

Lake Mills, Wisconsin – April 9
Aztalan Cycle Club

As the week prior to our District 16 Motocross opener came, so did the concerns about if this event would be rained out. Weeks of rain through March and as late as the Wednesday before the event made it a legitimate concern. Then it stopped and the hard working club members did what they do best, get it done so we can come race. By Sunday morning the track was actually dry enough that water hoses came out just after practice. Aztalan dries like no where else we’ve ever been… and today saw perfect conditions. Sunshine, light wind, 70 plus degrees and a great track welcomed 350 entries for this early April race. We’ve been here when it was snowing, rainy and terribly cold. This was just the opposite and the club had everything ready to go – and it was a fantastic day.

As the sun started poking through the morning clouds, the 50cc classes kicked off the day’s racing. Leaving from the main starting area, the 7-8 year old riders charged down the starting line and through turn one. Ryder Skodras just edged Jayden Adams for the lead as Nolan Simonton, Jayce Wolf, Tucker Trapp and the nine other riders followed. The Sr riders get to use the big bike start and an extended portion of the track. When they came towards the finish area to complete the first lap the order was the same, with Adams pushing Skodras hard. Back just a bit, Wolf was all over Simonton as they now had a little gap on Trapp. Lap after lap the order held as did the close racing. Right to the finish, Skodras held on even after many pass attempts by Adams. Wolf finished by himself in third as Simonton dropped back and couldn’t finish the last lap. This opened the door for Issac Opalewski and Colton Berray to fill out the top five ahead of Adam Kruse.

The second moto was a repeat performance out front as Skodras again led Adams through each lap. The two were within a few bike lengths at most right to the checkered flag as Skodras held on for another win. Wolf had a huge holeshot, then fell twice in the first lap. After getting that behind him, he rode well for fourth place behind Simonton.

The day actually ended with a little dust… not a problem at all, but enough to remind everyone how lucky we were to be here racing on this fantastic, dry and warm day. Free souvenirs were provided by Mother Nature – sunburns for many. Yes, mid-seventies had shorts and t-shirts out and everyone got an early start on the tans of summer. The club wants to thank everyone for coming out and making it a great day. All of us that raced or spectated are already looking forward to doing it all over again in May, so come join us for all the fun!

Full story in the May 2017 Issue!

Aztalan Cycle Club Results:
Schoolboy 1: 1.Bryce Hansen 2.Max Earley 3.Seth Doeberlein 4.Dalton Hein 5.Justin Oehlhof
2-Stroke B/C: 1.Dalton Pergande 2.Deven Fell 3.Kristopher Korn 4.Matthew Blower 5.Steven Sorge
250A: 1.Blake Hansen 2.Jacob Jesko 3.Dale Kathan 4.Justin Wolf 5.Mason Persha
250B: 1.Seth Doeberlein 2.Jake Garwood 3.Max Earley 4.Logan Rusk 5.Bryce Hansen
250C: 1.Dalton Hein 2.Eric Zee 3.Easton Ruiz 4.Ryan Kennedy 5.Seth Sirko
+25A: 1.Jason Erdmann 2.Dale Kathan 3.Brad Johnson 4.Mark Marescalco 5.Tyler Smulders
+25B/C: 1.Nicholas Czechowicz 2.Trevin Simes 3.Travis Schaefer 4.Cody Richter 5.Kory Sorge
65cc 7-11: 1.Ayden Price 2.Kaiden Snyder 3.Riley Busse 4.Ryder Johnson 5.Benjamin Blazek
85cc 12-15: 1.Mitchell Malaney 2.Justin Oehlhof 3.Elijah Tetzlaff 4.Spencer Hein 5.Tyler Jensen
85cc 9-11: 1.Ayden Price 2.Brock Nowicki 3.Riley Busse 4.Benjamin Blazek
85cc 9-13: 1.Cole Godfrey 2.Ayden Price 3.Spencer Hein 4.Brock Nowicki 5.Riley Busse
NonCurrent: 1.John Stewart 2.Justin Fluger 3.Duke Crook 4.Matthew Blower 5.Anthony Tamborino
Open A: 1.Joshua Philbrick 2.Justin Wolf 3.Jason Erdmann 4.Brandon Marescalco 5.Blake Hansen
Open B: 1.Jake Garwood 2.Beau Ertl 3.Brock Noreen 4.Aaron Sirko 5.Ronald Schmidt
Open C: 1.Jordan Martz 2.Tanyon Palka 3.Ryan Kennedy 4.Douglas Strehlow 5.Robert Stambolic
50Jr 4-6: 1.Aiden Biersteker 2.Ryder Schweighardt 3.Levi Hewitt 4.Devin Bares 5.Levi Gower
50Sr 7-8: 1.Ryder Skodras 2.Jayden Adams 3.Jayce Wolf 4.Colton Berray 5.Issac Opalewski
+40A: 1.Marc Ottenad 2.Brian Mccanna 3.John Stewart 4.Tom Ferguson 5.Glenn Korn
+40B/C: 1.Brad Yde 2.Jeff Ramsay 3.Steven Sorge 4.Jim Beckman 5.Tom Anglim
+45: 1.Brian Mccanna 2.Tim Bares 3.Tom Ferguson 4.Jonathan Hyde 5.Gregg White
+50: 1.Tim Bares 2.Carl Hein 3.Anthony Tamborino 4.Jonathan Hyde 5.Tim Boblin
Sports B/C 14-24: 1.Seth Doeberlein 2.Jake Garwood 3.Max Earley 4.Logan Rusk 5.Zachary Scheiber
SuperMini 12-16: 1.Elijah Tetzlaff 2.Cole Godfrey 3.Justin Oehlhof 4.Spencer Hein 5.James Waldron
UNLIM A: 1.Joshua Philbrick 2.Jason Erdmann 3.Brandon Marescalco
+30A: 1.Tyler Smulders 2.Brad Johnson 3.Mark Marescalco 4.Justin Fluger 5.Marc Ottenad
+30B/C: 1.Jeremy Braund 2.Benjamin Grosse 3.Greg Niles 4.Brad Yde 5.Daniel Lopez
Women: 1.Bryanne Wolf 2.Dana Hanna 3.Jennifer