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Motosports Park Delivers Moto Perfection!

Byron, Illinois – April 2
2017 Nuke Series Opener

The 2017 Barone Spinal Care Nuclear Series kicked off in grand fashion during the first weekend of April. While Motosports Park is known for presenting some of the best track prep anywhere, today was even better yet. Rain much of the week had many asking if there would even be a race. Aaron Vincer’s answer was “YES, it was going to be nice out on Saturday… the track would be good to go”. After delaying Saturday’s open riding a bit, riders took to a still pretty wet and sloppy track. The drainage system had done it’s work well considering all the earlier rain. Sunday morning practice saw bikes coming off the track with very little mud under the fenders. The track was already near perfect and it just kept getting better.

Sixty degrees, a little overcast – it was just right for a fantastic opener to the 2017 racing at Motosports Park. The track formed deep lines – awesome traction in the corners and a lot of close racing. It isn’t often you get soil requiring no early morning scraping and then no watering all day… the kind that can be tilled up at half time and be picture perfect. You know, the soft stuff you dream of ripping up. This was one of those special days.

A light drizzle arrived as the last few motos ran off… so mother nature did her part in kicking off the season by letting us get in an awesome day. Aaron Vincer predicated his team would deliver a great track and exciting racing, and they did just that. If you missed the opener, make sure to hit as many of the events as possible this season… the racing will keep getting better and better, and you’ll always be given a 100% effort by the Motosports Park team.

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250A: 1.Parker Smith 2.Michael Kingstad 3.Trevor Hayes
+25: 1.Justin Kelly 2.Ty Tyrrell 3.Daniel Sanders 4.Scott Kooistra 5.Justin Hager
Schlby 2 (12-16): 1.Bryce Hansen 2.Nick Wuertzer 3.Eddie Norred
85Sr (12-15): 1.Wyatt Liebeck 2.Mitchell Malaney 3.Anthony Edgerton 4.Justin Oehlhof 5.Cole Dekker
50cc (4-8): 1.Meadow Thomas
50Jr (4-6): 1.Lincoln Paxton 2.Tom Luberda
50Sr (7-8): 1.Brody Barth 2.Logan Kresal 3.Noxx Lewin 4.Jaxson Schiller 5.Nolan Simonton
125cc: 1.Nolan Dickinson 2.Eddie Norred 3.David Fitzpatrick 4.James Mcdannel 5.Preston Gusewelle
+45: 1.Roy Nafzger 2.David Hayes 3.Mark Marescalco 4.Randy Julseth 5.Timothy Vanvreede
Women (12+): 1.Birgit Schelkle 2.Emily Smith
85Jr (9-11): 1.Krystian Janik 2.Ayden Price 3.Joey Promenschenkel 4.Jackson Oehlhof 5.Deegan Cooley
Open C: 1.Nick Wuertzer 2.Steven Minkus 3.Nathan Wilson 4.Tanyon Palka 5.Sean Prenner
250B: 1.Bryce Hansen 2.Paul Law 3.Rj Mackenzie 4.Logan Rusk 5.Matthew Mcdannel
+50A: 1.Roy Nafzger 2.David Hayes 3.Orville Kline 4.Joseph Voegtle 5.Michael Snider
Schlby 1 (12-16): 1.Eddie Norred 2.Dj Gritzmacher 3.Nolan Dickinson 4.Cole Godfrey 5.Elijah Tetzlaff
+30A: 1.Justin Kelly 2.Paul Molkentin 3.John Medcalf
+30B/C: 1.Birgit Schelkle 2.Cory Lingle 3.Brandon Hastings 4.Mike Prince 5.Ryan Gusewelle
65Jr (7-9): 1.Peter Parenti 2.Deegan Vanvreede 3.Brody Barth 4.Logan Kresal 5.Dandre Roos
65Sr (10-11): 1.Krystian Janik 2.Deegan Cooley 3.Ayden Oppenlander 4.Ayden Price 5.Gavin Templen
+55: 1.William Ziesk 2.Joseph Voegtle 3.Orville Kline 4.Steve Medcalf 5.James Dwyer
Vintage: 1.Jarrett Winder 2.Evan Cardenas 3.Shane Simonton 4.Trace Franzke 5.Jeff Manning
Open A: 1.Zach Coons 2.Justin Kelly 3.Ty Tyrrell 4.Blake Hansen 5.Parker Smith
Open B: 1.Bryce Hansen 2.Rj Mackenzie 3.Jake Garwood 4.Scott Kooistra 5.Matthew Mcdannel
250C: 1.Conner Burger 2.Nick Wuertzer 3.Matthew Speers 4.David Fitzpatrick 5.Tanyon Palka
Mini Open 7-11: 1.Krystian Janik 2.Joey Promenschenkel 3.Ayden Price 4.Jackson Oehlhof 5.Jackson Herra
SuperMini (12-16): 1.Dj Gritzmacher 2.Elijah Tetzlaff 3.Anthony Edgerton 4.Cole Godfrey 5.Justin Oehlhof
14-24: 1.Zach Coons 2.Blake Hansen 3.Brandon Marescalco 4.Jake Garwood 5.Conner Burger
+40: 1.Roy Nafzger 2.Mark Marescalco 3.Paul Molkentin 4.Randy Julseth 5.Colin Horn