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District 23 MX is in full swing

Little Falls, Minnesota – April 23
By Samantha Laderer

Round three of the Central Minnesota series saw cold spring weather. The wind had picked up over night and the bitterness filled the air Sunday morning. The weather had completely flipped over night. Saturday, Little Falls was blessed with 70 degree weather and sunshine. Even though the weather had gotten colder, it didn’t stop riders from lining the gates Sunday morning.

First race on the line was the 14-24 A, B and C. It was a two gate drop with A and B dropping first. A heated battle occurred between the A class riders and seven B riders. Among the two classes, brothers Mason Marty and Robbie Marty each had a goal to win. Mason had just moved up to A class this year. Both have been living down south for the winter and had been training really hard, and it defiantly showed.

The first moto, Robbie got the jump and was able to pull the holeshot. Mason was running in fifth. Two riders went down which helped Mason catch his brother. At this point, the Marty brothers were running in first between the two classes.

Among those to go down was Devin Stang, he was trying to make a pass for first during the first lap but ended up crashing into another rider. Once back on the track he was on the gas. “It was hard to catch people in the A/ B class because C had dropped behind us,” said Stang. He was able to fight his way back to fourth.

For the rest of the race, the Marty brothers went back and forth and were untouchable. Austin Aspros wasn’t far behind. Austin Kienast and Gavin Kadlec were behind Aspros having their own battle. Kienast came into a corner and had his back tire jump out of a rut causing him to go down which allowed for Kadlec to get past.

Robbie took win with Kadlec and Kienast behind in the A class. Mason also took first, Aspros and Aaron Blackstone rounding out the top three.

In the second moto, Robbie didn’t get the same jump on his brother. Stang had pulled the holeshot with Kienast right behind. The Marty brothers were in the third and fourth. Stang made a mistake and went down allowing everyone to get past. He got up quick and was able to pass everyone back and take the lead.

Kienast hung right behind Stang after he passed him. The Marty brothers were in the third and fourth with Aspros hot on their tales. Robbie went to make a pass on Mason on the second to last lap in a corner and got into it with Aspros causing him to go down. Mason was able to stay ahead of Aspros for the rest of the race.

Although Robbie went down in the second moto, he was able to get third overall in the B class. “It is amazing how fast my brother has gotten,” said Mason. Both took in consideration the small mistakes that were made and agree that they have some work to do. “It is time to put my head down and get to work before qualifiers,” said Robbie.

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14-24A: 1.Mason Marty 2.Austin Kienast 3.Gavin Kadlec
14-24B: 1.Austin Aspros 2.Devin Stang 3.Robert Marty 4.Aaron Blackstone 5.Hunter Meyer
14-24C: 1.Aaron Boatman 2.Alexander Ives 3.Frank Jackson 4.Kyle Laib 5.Gunnar Anderson
85cc 12-15: 1.Brandon Nelson 2.Jake Paige 3.Drew Nelson 4.Broc Graba 5.Carter Mertens
85cc 9-11: 1.Avery Long 2.Braden Long 3.Jamison Mutschler 4.Cooper Abbelt 5.Kona Rodrigues
50 Open 4-8: 1.Kaden Tabaka 2.Cash Petersen 3.Mac Nornberg 4.Bentlee Walker 5.Kahler Omann
+25A: 1.Clay Olson 2.Neil Ehrenberg 3.Matt Kline 4.Kyle Savelkoul 5.Josh Virnig
+25B: 1.Marcus Evenson 2.John Schmitt 3.Jake Dupont
+45A: 1.Ray Schlegel 2.Dana Alexander
+45B: 1.Delon Luther 2.Dale Ackermann 3.Paul Olson
+25C: 1.Matt Virnig 2.Andrew Ives 3.Andrew Kelly
+45 C: 1.Dave Weseman 2.Steve Boatman Supermini: 1.Drew Nelson 2.Carter Mertens
125: 1.Curtis Biorn 2.Drew Sampson 3.Jordan Braaten 4.Blade Goding 5.Dominic Lindquist
65cc 7-11: 1.Brady Karolevitz 2.Tanner Schlegel 3.Jamison Mutschler 4.Karsen Omann 5.Brennan Long
50cc 4-6: 1.Bentlee Walker 2.Tucker King 3.Tyler Brindamour 4.Cash Nornberg
50cc 7-8: 1.Kaden Tabaka 2.Cash Petersen 3.Mac Nornberg 4.Najeh Boyd 5.Wyatt Niedfeldt
+50: 1.Donald Bonnicksen 2.Steve Tate 3.Dale Ackermann 4.Mark Speldrick
Women: 1.Grace Eiden 2.Trisha Olson 3.Jessica Nornberg 4.Samantha Laderer
Schoolboy 2: 1.Chase Graba 2.Alex Comstock 3.Phillip Cook
Schoolboy 1 12-16: 1.Curtis Biorn 2.Drew Sampson 3.Nick Paige
Open A: 1.Philip Maus 2.Clay Olson 3.Austin Kienast 4.Neil A. Ehrenberg 5.Josh B. Virnig
Open B: 1.Devin Stang 2.Austin Aspros 3.John Schmitt 4.Reuben Jacobs 5.Robert Marty
Open C: 1.Trevor Bonnicksen 2.Jay Lura 3.Eric Van Heel 4.Damon Howard 5.Joe Polansky
50cc oil 4-8: 1.Hudson Beckman 2.Tucker King 3.Cash Nornberg 4.Emmitt Nielsen
+40A: 1.Frank Jackson 2.Ray Schlegel 3.Rick Amatuzio
+40B: 1.Dale Ackermann 2.Steve Tate
+40C: 1.Dave Weseman 2.Steve Boatman
+55: 1.Donald Bonnicksen 2.Paul Olson 3.Dave Hencir 4.Mark Speldrick 5.Keith Buss
65cc 7-9: 1.Brady Karolevitz 2.Jamison Mutschler 3.Brennan Long 4.Cash Petersen 5.Braxton Kragenbring
65cc 10-11: 1.Tanner Schlegel 2.Karsen Omann 3.Spencer Odencrans
250A: 1.Austin Kienast
250B: 1.Devin Stang 2.Austin Aspros 3.Hunter Meyer 4.Aaron Blackstone 5.Alex Comstock
250C: 1.Aaron Boatman 2.Gunnar Anderson 3.Jay Lura 4.Chase Graba 5.Dominic Lindquist
50cc multi-speed: 1.Hudson Beckman 2.Tyler Brindamour 3.Vincent Astorino 4.Blair Kindel
85cc 9-12: 1.Avery Long 2.Brandon Nelson 3.Braden Long 4.Jake Paige 5.Broc Graba
Girls Sr. 12-16: 1.Cami Laib 2.Chelsy Wisniewski
+30A: 1.Kyle Savelkoul 2.Rick Amatuzio 3.Patrick Mcnamara
+30B: 1.Ricky Walker 2.Macy Fridgen 3.Matt Nornberg 4.Andy Odencrans
+30C: 1.Nicholas Erickson 2.Kerry Anstine