Official Magazine for AMA Districts 16, 17 and 23!

Sand Goblin Enduro

Grand Kankakee, Illinois – April 23
By Austin Wells,
photo by Bill Stineback

The season opener for District 14, 16 and 17 enduros was held in Roselawn, IN. Beautiful weather, great trail and huge turnouts were the names of the game for this weekend. On Saturday, the Grand Kankakee Trail Riders put on the first round of Family Enduros, the Sand Booger Family Enduro. 325 riders showed up to hit the eleven mile sandy loop that Mr. ISDE, Jeff Fredette and his crew had put together.

Family enduros have classes to accommodate everyone from 4 year old kids to pros. They had a loop set up for the twelve different classes that are offered. Nine of those ride a full three loops. After the first loop, the other three classes would join in for the remaining loops. The GKTR club does a great job on providing a small educational session on what the different checkpoints and other aspects of enduro racing means and is a great idea for the newcomers to this style of racing.

Full story in the May 2017 Issue!

Grand Cham/Overall: 1.Tyler Vore 2.Sam Mattingly 3.Talon Soenksen 4.Anthony Krivi 5.Bren Raschke
AA: 1.Tyler Vore 2.Sam Mattingly 3.Talon Soenksen 4.Anthony Krivi 5.Bren Raschke
200A: 1.Christopher Christman 2.Scott Allen 3.Justin Brian
250A: 1.Tanner Whipple 2.Daniel Sims 3.Jeffrey Kaylor 4.Jarred Hall 5.Leland Vanhaitsma
Open A: 1.Tyler Darmon 2.Conner Gynn 3.Chadwick Brown 4.Tyler Martin 5.Craig Hamilton
+30A: 1.Robert Kau 2.Robert Cribbs 3.Tyler Jarvis 4.Travis Troyer 5.James Razor
+40A: 1.Steve Vollmar 2.Cory Maryan 3.Andrew Stokely 4.Patrick Patterson 5.Rob Mcgee
+50A: 1.Brian Lohman 2.Brett Dubois 3.Kevin Allen 4.Joseph Mapes 5.Brian Niehaus
200B: 1.Shaun Duffey 2.Elijah Otterbach 3.Gregory Cooke 4.Nick Graf 5.Matt Bosma
250B: 1.Joey Suges 2.Jack Vonderwerth 3.Race Vollmar 4.Shawn Zendler 5.Travis Guaresimo
Open B: 1.Zachary Peters 2.Tyler Dwyer 3.Cody Hudepohl 4.Peter Kavsky 5.Daniel Fox
+30B: 1.Anthony Edgar 2.James Fox 3.Andrew Parlin 4.Andrew Ridenour 5.Mateusz Denslaw
+40B: 1.Gary Thomas, Jr.2.Troy Warstler 3.Matt Heeres 4.Shawn Holley 5.Kenny Hoyle
+50B: 1.Mark Adams 2.Mark Hufnagel 3.Michael White 4.Kirk Tolly 5.Fred Biggs
+30C: 1.William Woods 2.Neel Bhagat 3.Evan Harrison 4.Dawson Vandecar 5.David Drouillard
+30C: 1.William Schmitz, Jr.2.Todd Fogle 3.Todd Johnson 4.Michael Courtney 5.Bradley Wagahoff
+50C: 1.Richard Passman 2.Rick Replogle 3.Scot Piper 4.Jeffrey Roberts 5.Steve Broekema
+60: 1.Wally Mika 2.Richard Mertes 3.Jeffrey Fisher 4.Jeff Kirkwood 5.Jerry Pekel
Women: 1.Kelsey Pacholke 2.Tina Flegel 3.Brittany Grubaugh 4.Denise Markham