Official Magazine for AMA Districts 16, 17 and 23!

About Cycle USA

Cycle USA was about local riders at local events


Cycle USA started as a newspaper in 1991, lucky to have a single spot color on the cover, we were the largest “regional” publication in the Midwest right out of the gate.

From March to December, enthusiasts just like you enjoyed having Cycle USA delivered right to their homes. We published our final magazine in December 2019. Inside they found exciting event coverage specifically from events they, their friends and family attended. Our focus was on the grass roots racing and riding right here in the Midwest. Cycle USA was proud to be the official magazine for three of the American Motorcyclist Association’s (AMA) strongest and most successful district associations. They represent Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan’s upper peninsula. AMA Districts 16, 17 and 23. In the early years we served five associations, including Iowa and Indiana.

Cycle USA was dedicated to the events of these associations, their riders and family members. We were all one big family. Readers looked to Cycle USA for the information, news, and local event coverage they couldn’t get anywhere else.

The new digital platforms kept Cycle USA available in any form our reader’s desire.

New in 2017, Cycle USA expanded their service to this special group of readers. Our dedication to see the printed magazine continue to grow and improve continued. Our three sponsoring district organizations all committed to delivering Cycle USA to their members through the 2019 season. The full magazine was also available on line in a convenient format, easily viewable on any computer, tablet or smart phone. For the first time, our readers could share the issues, articles and great photography via social media, and with others and family around the country.

We worked to enhance our sport’s future, through the next generation of riders. The full color magazine was dedicated to the participants of our amateur, local events.


Capturing moments of local riders with their families, this was Cycle USA at its best!