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Advertising with Cycle USA simply makes good sense.

If you’re looking to reach motorcyclists in the midwest, especially those involved in some form of off-road competition, Cycle USA is definitely the best option.

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Cycle USA is dedicated to our readers, delivering news and information on the sport they love and can’t find anywhere else. Only Cycle USA can deliver your message to this exciting audience. Our readers are hard-core, involved enthusiasts that eat and breath what Cycle USA delivers, and they’re worth your advertising investment.

Cycle USA offers a variety of ad sizes and options to meet your needs. Design and production is never a challenge, as we’re ready to take you from the original concept to the finished advertisement design, ready for printing. All you have to do is give us a call.

As our new website grows in traffic and content, we’ll also be offering banner and in article web advertising to select companies and event promoters. Packages for print and web can be custom designed, based on your needs.

For advertising rates, both in the full color full gloss magazine, or here on the website, contact Chuck Melcher at 262-321-0397 or by email.

“Well Directed” Print still works…

While digital seems to be taking over in many platforms, print, and “well directed print” even more so still has huge potential for advertisers, or anyone looking to reach and make the right impression on a market.

AdvertisersPageGraphic2Print is far from dead. General media print circulations are down, but in many cases, that means that publications’ readership has been culled to only the most engaged, which is a desirable trait, from an advertising standpoint. Niche publications are actually thriving with dedicated readers even more focused. There’s less clutter, so special interest magazines are growing in popularity. Cycle USA fits that description perfectly. It’s like really, really good direct mail… going to a very specific reader that you know already has a preference and interest in your message.

Print provokes people to read. Just buying it or getting it in the mail provokes the reader to engage in a way that digital doesn’t. Once a reader makes time to read a magazine, they’re going to really engage with the ads in there as well. If you create good print ads they will inspire readers to look at them even longer.

Print is still a top-of-funnel medium. It’s really good at establishing brand worthiness in the marketplace, for establishing the value of the brand and for communicating to the right target audience. Digital tries to do some of that, but it’s still much more of a direct response, now or never medium. You can’t necessarily maintain marketing of a brand through digital alone. Print advertising is a very efficient way of establishing an identity and for communicating that to your target market.

People are in different mental spaces when they choose to engage with a printed magazine versus digital content. Magazines serve as inspiration, and they also can be informational. There’s also a much higher level of trustworthiness, and believability with print, magazines in particular. This is where print really excels.

Many readers look forward to time with their Cycle USA magazine and would be unwilling to do without it. Readers also want to see the advertising.

Over the course of many years, Cycle USA has successfully developed strong connections with their readers. Many readers look forward to time with their Cycle USA magazine and would be unwilling to do without it as we have been told over and over again. Readers also want to see the advertising that’s carried in Cycle USA, as it directly relates to their interest.

The real value in print advertising is in brand awareness and perception. Getting your message or offer to be top of mind in the long run. Whether the print ad is about driving traffic to a website or simply building awareness of a product, service, or event, it needs to be big picture, long term, and you will accomplish your goals.

Print is all about that consumer engagement, where people are physically holding the magazine and your advertisement in their hands. You want to reach people where they are, and that’s what Cycle USA offers.

What continues to make print ads valuable is the (nearly) undivided attention that readers give to magazine content, rather than multitasking like they do when consuming digital content. Print is all about that consumer engagement, where people are physically holding the magazine and your advertisement in their hands. You want to reach people where they are, and that’s what Cycle USA offers.

Some Tips on making a good advertisement:

The first goal of any print ad is to stop the reader – literally stop them from turning the page. A headline is essential…. You have to get their attention to stop them. Every headline should appeal to the reader’s self-interest. It should promise the reader a benefit.

People remember more than 50% of what they see, so make sure you have a good graphic. A product in use… People love photos of people. One big, central graphic can act as a secondary headline, or actually to replace it if used effectively.

Once you have this reader’s attention, that’s when your real work starts. Here are some things that can help make your print ad more effective.

  • A “You” orientation. Ads that are focused on the product or the company have less of a chance to succeed than ads that are focused on the prospect. Simply by putting the word “You” in the headline and copy, readership will increase.
  • A Coupon. Yes, your ad has your web address, and your 800 number. But research has shown that the presence of a prominent coupon increases ad readership by 13% no matter what the offer. The reason is that a coupon alerts the reader that “we’ve got something for you!” The coupon does not need to be a clip to use offer – that is a roadblock to the reader, and a turn off in a magazine that readers value and are apt to keep for a longer time. The coupon just needs to call attention to a “for them” offer.
  • Read-aloud copy. The best way to know if your advertising copy reads well is if it sounds well. If you can comfortably read it out loud to another person, it’s probably good copy.
  • Captions. They are the second most read part of any advertisement, after the headline. Think about what gets read in an article… use that same readership pattern to your advantage. Put them under every photograph possible. And don’t settle for descriptive captions — make them selling captions.
  • Easy to read type. Use big typefaces (at least 12 point type) with serifs, and make sure your important copy isn’t printed on a busy background.
  • Make it about the reader! Few want to read even a short ad about you. But they may be willing to read a long advertisement about what you can do for them.
  • Repeat the message over and over. Remember, one of the biggest benefits of “print” is believability…. Keep building the awareness, spreading the message, and selling, this is print, it works best over time – and with print, you have time on your side.